MMF 2020 Cancellation Notice

May 21, 2020


Almost one month ago (April 23) our offsite registrar, Dale/hewho, contacted a number of people who had been involved in the planning of MMF to begin discussions of the advisability of gathering during this pandemic. It was quickly determined that MMF established a policy in 1991 for just such a contingency. The policy, created at Pere Marquette State Park in Illinois, states that:


Planning committee (defined…as all the persons in task coordinating positions) – 10 person planning committee is given general authority to make crucial decisions by consensus or by polling among themselves, as appropriate, during the year in between Festivals.
Of course, some things change (for example the advent of electronic communications, liaisons to a more permanent home, splitting of registration and kitchen duties) and 10 functions have become closer to 25, but the principal remains the same. We chose not to use a consensus process as it was not festival and the long distance/email communication would have made the process unwieldy. After considerable thought and discussion, most of which centered around the safety of our brothers, it has been decided that Midwest Men’s Festival will not be held this year. Ultimately, only one member opposed the cancellation.


If men wish to gather at Gaea during that time (or at a different time), they are welcome to make arrangements through the caretakers. I will be contacting Clint to notify him of the cancellation and will ask him to tentatively hold the dates of July 20-29, 2021 for us.


This decision was not made lightly, nor is anyone happy with it. The main thing is to stay safe so that we can gather again.


MMF Planners