Welcome Home… our 42nd year!


Midwest Men’s Festival 2023 was an energetic and energizing gathering of more than 70 men for 9 nights.  MMF will continue its experiment in community by celebrating our 42nd anniversary of annual gatherings in 2024. Festival 2024 will be held in September! While it is often described as a community that exists for only 10 days and 9 nights a year, upon returning to Festival, previous attendees greet each other with “welcome home.”

Founded as a gathering of men working on building community and alternative ways to be men, Midwest Men’s Festival arose out of the feminist men’s movement of the late ’70s & ’80s and has been happening every summer since 1982.

Midwest Men’s Festival is open to men 18 years and older of all persuasions from all locations, and welcomes anyone identifying as a man. No one is “in charge” of this event; all members share equally in consensus decision-making, and each member is responsible for sharing in those functions necessary to the group.