Register for 2022

There are 72 steps in the stairway between the dining hall and the ridge at Gaea.

(photo: Cim Roesener)

It’s a pleasure to announce that we intend to move forward with a physical meeting of our community in 2022. There are several ways you can register, and we offer some sweet specials for those who register early and for those who have never attended Festival before.

We strongly recommend that you register for 2022 festival early, and we strongly recommend that you do so online using the link below. This will help us plan for festival, which is especially important with, you know, the whole pandemic thing.

COVID-19 Information

You can find information about how COVID-19 will impact MMF here.

Information for first time attendees

Meals and camping fees are included in registration costs.There is a 3-day minimum registration required for first time attendees, as we believe it takes at least that long to “get/understand” Festival. Day passes are not available to first-time attendees. First time attendees will receive a $25 discount regardless of when they register, just mark it on your registration form.

Please do read the FAQs, and contact us if you have any questions.

When to Register

We encourage everyone to register as early as possible, as it helps us plan appropriately.

Pre-registration is open until July 9th, with a discounted early registration period open until June 15th. During early registration, $100 covers your first 3 day’s attendance; additional days are $25 each.  After early registration ends on June 15th, preregistration remains open and the cost increases to $120 for 3 nights, with additional nights remaining $25 each. Please note that you do not have to remit payment at the time of pre-registration. You can pay now, later, or when you get to festival.

Those who do not register by July 9th are still very welcome, but will need to register in person at the event gate when they arrive at Festival. The gate is manned starting at noon on the first Tuesday of Festival, and each day after through and including Saturday, generally 8:30 am – 8:00 pm. The gate is not manned Sunday through end of Festival. If you expect to arrive during a time that the gate is not manned, please pre-register so that you can get the combination to the gate lock.

While it is not required to pay at the time you register, it is strongly requested that you do pay prior to your arrival. The processing of payments during festival takes a lot of time and effort. Your paying ahead of time will allow the On-Site Registrar, Treasurer, and Gatekeeper more time to enjoy festival, and less time tending to administrative duties.

Day Passes

Day passes are available for previous attendees for $40 per day. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged for those previous attendees requesting a day pass.

How to Register

We’re pleased to offer a method to register online. Online registration is highly recommended and we hope you’ll take advantage of it!
Click the button below to be redirected to the online registration form. If the button is not working, please try disabling ad blockers.
register online
Offline Registration

We really prefer you to use the online registration form. Please try that first.

If for some reason the online form is not working for you, you may register offline by doing the following:

Download the registration form in your preferred format here:
(Microsoft Word document)

Either print, fill out, and return to the registration address below, or complete electronically and email to the registrar.

snail mail:

MMF Registration
c/o Dale Shoemaker
34340 Linda Way
Cathedral City, CA 92234

email: [email protected]



Those who prefer electronic payment may select “PAY VIA PAYPAL” on the registration form; an invoice will be sent to your email address. Alternatively, personal checks and money orders can be mailed to the registration address below.

MMF Registration
c/o Dale Shoemaker
34340 Linda Way
Cathedral City, CA 92234