MMF and Covid-19


This past few years have been extraordinary to say the least. Gaea itself has no restrictions regarding COVID 19 protocols. That being said, we’ve developed a loose and open-to-change framework on how to be safe at festival in the age of COVID 19. If you’re reading this, then certainly you have already weighed the risk for yourself. Over the years MMF has valued personal responsibility in our decision making. This year, responsibility for your health and the safety of others is even more important. Regarding COVID 19, these things should be kept in mind.

  1. We encourage everyone who attends to be fully vaccinated; however, we cannot guarantee that all men attending will be incapable of transmitting COVID 19, whether vaccinated or not.
  2. If you’re not fully vaccinated, you are strongly encouraged to wear a mask as a way of protecting the health of others in our community.
  3. While cooking in the kitchen, please consider wearing a mask and gloves. We understand it’s hot, but you are in close proximity to others while cooking. Those who are serving food, please wear a mask, again, because you’re in very close proximity to those in the food line.
  4. Wearing masks in other locations is at your discretion, as well as how you socially distance, again keeping in mind the health and safety of our community
  5. Please consider holding circles outdoors if weather permits, to enhance safe social distance.
  6. Masks will be available throughout the camp. We strongly encourage wearing them in indoor enclosed spaces and in large close gatherings

MMF fosters a non-judgmental atmosphere; it is expected that participants will not be judged for their personal choices about mask wearing.